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How is your business perceived?

A 100 % honest answer to that question you can only get from someone outside of your company. A fresh look can do miracles.

We give you the uncensored facts and a straightforward approach on how to put customers at the center of your business.

Missie, Visie, Aanpak, Waarden en Strategie


  • Mission

    • Our aim is to show businesses how customers really perceive them and support them in achieving their full potential in customer centricity.

    • We strive to ensure excellent communication between businesses and their internal and external customers at all times.

  • Vision

    • Our objective is to create a frustration-free environment for businesses and people when interacting with each other, online & offline, see visual

  • Approach

    • Our approach is based on human capital, from human to human

    • We don’t use difficult or expensive wording; we communicate in a language that everybody can understand.

    • Our approach is simple, straightforward, no-nonsense and authentic.

  • Values

    • Despite the outcome often being confrontational (‘which is why you seek our advice’), we approach projects with the utmost respect for people and the organisation.

  • Strategy

    • As we will be going through all the contact channels with you (sales, care, social, written, call, online…), we will be able to identify areas for improvement

    • Provide you with an action plan to address those successfully, by drawing from our extensive experience and network of specialist contacts.

    • Alternatively, we can implement the action plan on an operational level for you and consequently hand over the baton to management.



Hans Similon

As a social worker, Hans Similon has always sympathized with people, as individuals. After a decent ten years of working in telecom, starting at Mobile Vikings was like coming home: here he could fully extend his customer focus. Moreover, he found the freedom to really develop his entrepeneurship. Now he wants to discover what this focus can mean for you.

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Karen Geöcze von Szendröi


The common thread through Karen's story is make people grow as individuals and as contributing to the greater good. After 15 years as a coach and manager, at Telenet and in the fashion industry , customer centricity is in her DNA. She is eager to find out with you how to improve customer cervice in your company.

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Head quarter


BE 0812 197 133

Sterrebos 11

B-3512 Stevoort


KBC: BE82 7390 1187 9568

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